Commit 2d3966a2 authored by Clément DURAND's avatar Clément DURAND

makefile linux

parent 8fa4ccd7
.PHONY: package install clean cleandist
PDFLATEX:=pdflatex -interaction=nonstopmode
PKGDIR:=$(shell kpsewhich --show-path=ls-R | tr : '\n' | grep texmf | grep local | head -n1)
all: package
package: polytechnique.sty
%.sty: %.dtx
$(PDFLATEX) $*.dtx
install: package clean
mkdir -p $(POLYPKGDIR)
cp -r . $(POLYPKGDIR)
rm -f polytechnique.aux polytechnique.glo polytechnique.idx polytechnique.log polytechnique.out polytechnique.toc
cleandist: clean
rm -f polytechnique.pdf polytechnique.sty
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