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Add Kerr effect

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\item Introduce the half-step integration method to add the dispersion chirp term.
\section*{Wednesday 20th}
Cylindrical diffraction is checked regarding theory: evolution of $z \mapsto w(z)$ with a constant power input. Diffraction - Dispersion algorithm does end with diffraction and dispersion visible: $(r,z) \mapsto |\mathcal{E}(z,r,t=0)|^2$ or $r \mapsto |\mathcal{E}(z,r,t=0)|^2$ at $z_{\rm min}$ and at $z_{\rm max}$. Diffraction - Dispersion - Non Linear algorithm does end with diffraction comparable to the Cylindrical diffraction.
Rectangular summation for energy calculation does not work even for cylindrical diffraction. Side would be losses too important to be accountable.
Non linear algorithm does end with Kerr effect. Creation of a concentration point but fast dissipation afterwards without any divergence. Numerical errors or loss mechanism?
\subsection*{To Be Done}
\item Perform energy conservation check;
\item Check step coefficients in multiple steps method;
\item Quantitative comparison between Non Linear and Cylindrical diffraction;
\item Understand Kerr dissipation;
\item Add defocusing terms.
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