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\title{Laser Filamentation}
......@@ -205,6 +205,13 @@ Rectangular summation for energy calculation does not work even for cylindrical
Non linear algorithm does end with Kerr effect. Creation of a concentration point but fast dissipation afterwards without any divergence. Numerical errors or loss mechanism?
\item Try to vectorise the multi-step solver including the operator $\mathcal{U}_r$ (resp. $\mathcal{U}_t$) for each $t$ (resp. $r$) in a big unique block matrix by concatenating the vectors along the free variable;
\item Try $k_0^{(2)} = 0.20 \, {\rm fs^2 \cdot cm^{-1}}$ and $t_p \mapsto \sqrt{2} t_p$ to reproduce quantitatively the results of the paper.
\subsection*{To Be Done}
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