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Report Simulations goals

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......@@ -260,6 +260,35 @@ Thus, all effects leading to the saturation of the intensity autofocused, to its
\section{Results and Analysis}
% Add incertitude bars on graphs
\subsection{Cylindrical diffraction}
% 2D plot
% Comparison with theoretical diffraction w(z)
\subsection{Diffraction and Dispersion}
% Animation ?
% Two independent variation scales
\subsection{Kerr Effect}
% Kerr Collapse
% Comparison with theoretical P -> z_c(P)
% Filamentation above 2 P_cr
% Convergence criterium with Kerr and Plasma lengths
% Plasma oscillation at saturation
% Behaviour up to 10 P_cr
% Multifilamentation?
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