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......@@ -72,6 +72,8 @@ The available features are "quiver", "avg_speed", "avg_angle", "avg_polar", "ang
The available options are "max_group_size", "max_num_groups", "quiver_color_by_group", "quiver_color_single", "quiver_draw_by_group", "groups_num_ymin", "vel_scaling", detailed in the docstring
Aggregating data from multiple experiments is done using a Jupyter notebook, downloadable at the following link : (too big for upload in this repository).
### Run one experiment remotely (SSH)
You can easily run experiments on remote machines via SSH, provided the remote machine has the repository cloned locally. For this purpose enabling loading/saving via Dropbox is particularly useful (turned off by default), it is most easily done by changing the default values of ```use_dropbox``` in _God/SaveAndLoad.py_.
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